5 Free Online Courses + How to Create Your Own Course [complete Guide]

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5 Free Online Courses + How to Create Your Own Course [complete Guide]

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In addition to helping to train thousands of people, online courses are an excellent opportunity for those who know a lot about a subject and have the opportunity to share that knowledge. Currently, this type of business has become a source of income for various entrepreneurs who have found, in the online world, a way to combine the useful and the pleasant: transmit information in an accessible way and earn money with it.

And no matter the subject: from culinary to, 이메일 데이터베이스 구매 및 이메일 목록 작성 financial organization, there is always someone to teach and someone to learn. So, there is nothing new in that the search for online courses has grown more and more, is not it? And you... are you thinking of entering that market too? Or are you looking for online courses to do? In either case, you are in the right place! We have prepared this complete post for you, who want to learn or teach online.

Let's see it? 262 In the end… is it true that online courses are requested? You can search for any topic on the Internet, putting "online course" in front of it and you will surely find a result. To give you an idea, according to the first study of Online Education in Mexico 2016, presented by the Mexican Internet Association AC (AMIPCI), the 100% online study modality is demanded by just over 50% of the sample, made up of 1700 interviews with people whose ages range from 18 to more than 50 years.

In addition, 9 out of 10 respondents use the Internet to search for educational offers; Of these, 62% search on university sites; 19% on specialized sites and 15% on social networks. He also highlighted that the factors for which they take a 100% online career are: time/work, flexibility, ease and availability. The greatest demand for online education is to pursue a bachelor's degree, with 56% and the specialties with the highest incidence are Business Administration, Engineering (Industrial and Systems) and IT/Electronics.

All this to show you that online courses are in great demand — increasing, since this type of teaching has advantageous characteristics for the demands of students today. How do the online courses work? It is common for people to have a wrong idea about this type of teaching. Because it is distance learning, we can think that the figure of the teacher is unimportant or that learning is inferior compared to face-to-face courses. Those impressions are normal. But they are great myths. So, we have good news for you, who want to study online or become a course producer: Distance Education (DL) is serious and it works! Is there a greater role of the student ?

Yeah right. But that is not a disadvantage. Quite the opposite: the student has more autonomy to organize and manage their learning, but always with the support of the teacher and interactive activities. Normally, online courses have the following structure: virtual classrooms : with video classes, texts and activities for students; complementary materials: databases with contents that help the consolidation of the content; interaction environments: chats and forums so that the student has contact with the teacher and with colleagues; In other words, the objective of online courses is not to be an “easier” alternative for student education and training.

The levels of demand are high: the student has to organize himself to absorb the contents and dedicate himself to really learning. It is not by chance that this type of teaching already extends to higher education, with courses accredited and evaluated by the Ministry of Education. By the way, are we going to see what kind of offer exists in EaD? Undergraduate and postgraduate courses The number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses is very significant in distance education . For example, according to recent data from the Ministry of National Education of Colombia, the number of enrollments in higher education, virtual modality, has shown a growth rate from 2011 (13.6%) to 2014 (90%). Although in 2015 the enrollment growth rate moderated, in 2016 it picked up again, reaching 98.9%. free courses Now, free courses or specialization or professional training are among the most interesting.

They correspond to the complementary training that highlights the professional curriculum. Especially nowadays, with so much competition, free courses are highly requested by those who are looking for a “plus” — specialized knowledge that makes a big difference in professional practice. And not only that! Among the best-selling online course topics are, after career-related topics, nothing more and nothing less than health and sports! Later, courses on reading methods, learning techniques, goal setting and self-esteem also come into play. What does that mean?

It means that, in addition to being highly requested to increase professional training, free courses are also associated with a search for personal development . In the end, not everything in life comes down to jobs, right? But let's be honest: in the 21st century, time is a valuable currency. It is very difficult to find someone with free hours to pursue that type of training while balancing a double or triple shift. And this is where the benefits of online courses come in: more flexibility to do the classes at any place and time; reduced costs compared to face-to-face courses; more control over one's study routine. It is not surprising that enrollment in free EaD courses has grown significantly in recent years. What are the online courses that are available for free?

It is not news to anyone that the Internet greatly increased access to information. And it is here, in the virtual world, that many people come to learn new things, to specialize in a certain subject and even to seek new training. And best of all, you can find various free online courses ! Nowadays, you can already obtain free online certifications that, in addition to helping you acquire more knowledge, are also requirements for hiring in some companies. And you, do you want to be a specialist in some subject? Then check the list that we prepared for you with 5 places where you will find online courses to start now! 1. Hotmart Academy If you're thinking about starting a digital business or you're already on that path, it's about time you got to know Hotmart Academy !

In this free learning space, you will learn with our specialists how to create, promote and sell your digital product. Hotmart Academy is divided into two seasons. In the first, you will go through all the necessary stages to become a producer or affiliate . In the second, you will learn how to make your business prosper, perfecting your techniques and your results. To get started, just register . 2. 30 Day Challenge Have you already decided that you are going to start an online business from scratch or do you just need a little push? Then the 30 Day Challenge is perfect for you! You will have free access to 17 video classes, materials to download and space to answer questions with other entrepreneurs.

Learn to plan, execute and make your first sales with the help of specialists for free. You just have to register here! 262 3. Google Academy for Ads Anyone who works with marketing or sales on the Internet knows the importance – and the dispute! – of an ad with good performance for business results. But if you need to improve your knowledge on the subject, don't worry: Google itself has prepared a learning space just for that.
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